Bride or Groom Gift – Giving a Heartfelt Book on Your Wedding Day

It is traditional for the bride and groom to exchange gifts, commemorating their wedding day. A Heartfelt Book makes an excellent gift to give to your bride or groom! It is a way to communicate just how special your future spouse is to you and to detail the special memories that have brought you to this point in your lives.  You can express how much you are looking forward to the future, with them by your side – as husband and wife.

When should I give my bride or groom gift?

pottersThis is a common question and it is really up to you. Some brides and grooms exchange gifts the day before, as a couple. Others choose to give their gift the day of, just before walking down the aisle.  For example, Amy Williams Potter gave her fiance a “Groom’s Kit” that included items such as his favorite cologne, a beard brush and oil, socks in case he gets “cold feet” and of course, our favorite, the Heartfelt Book she lovingly created just for him.


Create a bride or groom gift kit for the day of your wedding with all the things they need to get ready for the big day.

I had my bride’s mother give her the Heartfelt Book I created about a half hour before the ceremony. According to all the bridesmaids that were getting dressed, they all had to re-do their makeup because there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. It was an awesome gift! I enjoyed creating it and my bride told me she was overjoyed and will treasure it forever.
– Jeff Parkinson

Austin and Amy Gaskins incorporated their Heartfelt Books in the actual wedding ceremony.  Amy and Austin included wedding vows in their books that they read to each other during the ceremony.

Amy and Austin Gaskins Wedding

Austin Gaskins – our incredible Fedex Account Executive – reading from the Heartfelt Book he created just for Amy.

A Heartfelt Book is a wedding gift that your future spouse will treasure forever. He/She can pick it up to read in the years to come, to help affirm the reasons why you chose them. You may even show it to your children and grandchildren one day (smile).

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