Creative Graduation Gift that Tops All Other Gifts

Graduation is an important time in every young person’s life. Whether it be from high school or college, it is a time to celebrate their hard work and a time to reflect on their life so far. It can be an exciting and scary time for both the graduate and their parents. Though everyone looks forward to the next chapter and what it will bring, there will also be bittersweet moments such as having to say goodbye to friends and family.

A Time to Reflect and Encourage

This is the perfect time for you to share a bit more wisdom, give a little extra encouragement, remind them of fun and special moments for times ahead, like when they feel down or homesick. Creating a Heartfelt Book gives you the perfect format to do this. You can tell your graduate how much you love them and how proud you are, as well as advice that they will keep and read over and over again.

A graduation gift of your words of encouragement and advice is the best gift for your graduate.

Create a One of a Kind gift in less than 1 hour!

At Heartfelt Books, we take you on a journey of your relationship. You select exercises and questions to answer about your child and then we publish your answers in a beautiful, hardbound book to give as a graduation gift. Many questions require simple answers, while others are drag ‘n drop or multiple answer. The process is fast, easy, and quite fun. A person can reflect on fun times and milestone moments or share encouragement and advice for this new and exciting part of your graduate’s life.

I bought this book for my son as a graduation gift. It was so much fun answering the different questions. He really enjoyed the book and I hope it will remind him of home and give him encouragement for years to come. M. Kelly

Our fun and easy process will help you create a one of a kind graduation gift!

A Heartfelt Book is not only creative, but deeply personal. But because of our easy process, most people finish their Heartfelt Books in less than an hour! That is far less time consuming than other ideas, but provides a tangible keepsake that will be treasured forever! You can work on your Heartfelt Book from any device and take as much time as you need.

Reflect on special moments and give encouragement for the times ahead.

Your Words Matter

The gift of your words is worth more than you know. You don’t have to write a novel because sweet and simple sentiments are HUGE! Why? Because everyone wants to hear that they matter, that they have made a difference and that you love and are proud of them. Your graduate will always remember your words.

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