Frequently Asked Questions

Information Confidentiality:

2. How secure is my information?

Our entire site is on a secure server to ensure that your answers and payment information are safe. We do not save any of your credit card information on our site after you have placed your order. Unless legally required by a court of competent jurisdiction, your information is not released to anyone without your express and written approval.

3. I am sharing some pretty personal stuff about myself in my book, how do I know your editor will keep my information confidential?

Our editors are bound by strict privacy policies and our system does not allow them to print any of the content – they can simply make online adjustments. Further, they only see your book number and do not see any personal identifying information such as your name, address, etc.

4. How does the charge show on my credit card statement?

The charge on your credit card will show as HBP – not Hopefully this will help to keep your book as a surprise for your loved one.

5. Can my book be shipped discreetly? It is a surprise!

Absolutely. We ship all of our books from a return address titled HBP. Your package will NOT say Heartfelt Books anywhere.

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