Frequently Asked Questions

Most Popular Questions:

1. Will I receive a tracking number when my book ships?

Yes, you will receive an emailed tracking number when your order is prepared for shipping. It may not be active until your package has been scanned by the carrier.

3. How secure is my information?

Our entire site is on a secure server to ensure that your answers and payment information are safe. We do not save any of your credit card information on our site after you have placed your order. Unless legally required by a court of competent jurisdiction, your information is not released to anyone without your express and written approval.

4. What is your Return/Cancellation policy?

Books purchased through are printed as they are ordered. Because of the production expense of print on demand manufacturing, can not cancel orders, accept returns or provide refunds on these products. We recommend that you carefully check your order for accuracy before confirming and paying for your purchase.

If you pay to have your book professionally edited, keep in mind that our editors do their best to locate spelling and grammatical errors, but YOU are responsible for approving the finished product before publishing. Heartfelt Books accepts no responsibility for the quality of the content (including misspelled words, grammatical errors, etc.), its formatting, design or overall appearance. You, as the author, approve the visual presentation and content of all pages before committing to publish the book.

If you receive a book that is damaged in some way (loose, missing or torn pages in your book, etc.), you may return it and we will be happy to provide you with a replacement copy. Please notify us through our Contact Us form.

5. How long does the professional editing service take?

Once you have submitted your online book for editing, we usually have it reviewed and sent back to you for your approval within 2-24 hours. You will get an auto-generated email alerting you that your edited copy is waiting for your approval. If you do not get this email, be sure to check your spam/junk email folder. You can also log in at anytime to see if the editor has your book posted for review.

6. I am sharing some pretty personal stuff about myself in my book, how do I know your editor will keep my information confidential?

Our editors are bound by strict privacy policies and our system does not allow them to print any of the content – they can simply make online adjustments. Further, they only see your book number and do not see any personal identifying information such as your name, address, etc.

7. How does the charge show on my credit card statement?

The charge on your credit card will show as HBP – not Hopefully this will help to keep your book as a surprise for your loved one.

8. Can my book be shipped discreetly? It is a surprise!

Absolutely. We ship all of our books from a return address titled HBP. Your package will NOT say Heartfelt Books anywhere.

9. How many questions do I have to answer?

It takes a minimum of 18 questions to create a book. You can choose up to 36 questions to answer.

10. What about pictures – can you print pictures in my book?

Yes, you can add photos. But remember, our books are relationship books – not photo books. Lots of people start photo books at other sites, but very few people ever finish them, as they are extremely time consuming. We offer a simple, classy book that expresses – with words – your feelings about the person for which you are creating the book.

For those who still want to add a photo(s): Yes! We do have the ability to place a photo in your book, however at this time, it is a manual process. After you place your order, you can email your photo(s) to and note which page(s) you want us to place the photo(s). We will add the photos prior to printing your book.

Photos will be printed in black and white (gray-scale). Be sure your photo resolution and positioning is good. We don’t crop, enhance, remove red-eye, or in any way modify the image(s) you send us. Portrait orientation works better than landscape orientation. When selecting which page to place your photo, it is best to choose to replace one of the motifs on the left handed pages, or pages with very little text.

11. Can I change the order of my pages?

Your answers are printed in the order that you answer your questions. However, if you find when you preview your book that you want to change the placement of some of your pages, please enter your instructions in the Notes box below the book preview. We PROMISE to make your changes before printing. If you want to see a another proof before we print, please check the box below your instructions requesting an additional preview. We will send you an email letting you know your book is ready to review and approve before we print. This way your book is EXACTLY how you want it.

12. After I complete my book, how long does it take for you to print and ship my book?

Once you complete your book, you have 2 options when checking out – to print “As Is” or to have your book professionally reviewed by an editor.

If you select to print “As Is” – your book will ship the SAME DAY (if ordered by 1 p.m. USA EST, Monday – Friday). If your order is received after the cutoff time of 1 p.m., your book will ship the next business day.

If you select to have your book professionally reviewed by one of our editors for spelling and basic grammatical errors (there is an additional fee for this service of $10 USD), within 2-24 hours, you will receive an email letting you know that your book has been edited. Once you log in to our site, you will be able to preview and approve the changes made by our editor. Once you approve the changes, we will print and ship your book. All books approved by 1 p.m. (USA EST) are shipped the same day. All approved after this time will ship the next business day (we only ship Monday – Friday).

13. Do I get to preview my book BEFORE I pay?

Absolutely. Once you answer the minimum number of questions (18), you will be given the option to Publish/Preview your book. Once you press this option, you will be able to preview your book pages before entering any payment information. You can also specify any corrections you want made, changes to the page order, etc.

14. How long does it take to create a book?

That all depends on you – some people complete their book in less than half an hour! Some people take 3 days, 3 months – you can come back at any time to complete your book. You get to pick the questions that you want to answer. Some questions take longer than others to answer.

15. What choices do I have when selecting covers, fonts, etc.?

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