So Easy an 81 Year Old Can Do It

81 Year Old Former Nun, Retired Educator Uses HeartfeltBooks.com to Pen Six Beautiful Books for Loved Ones

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Mary Ann Buckman’s life has been a profound journey, full of special, shared moments with beloved fellow travelers. As a retired school teacher and former nun, life and career have taken her to four different states, making new friends and memories in each one. Now, with the help of HeartfeltBooks.com, she’s immortalizing these fond memories and sharing them with those who matter most.

Mary Ann has relied on HeartfeltBooks.com to assist her in designing and publishing six original books – each one a collection of thoughts and feelings dedicated to a different special someone in her life. So far, she has written a book for each of her four siblings, one for a former student and another for a close friend, all in the course of just two years.

Mary Ann Buckman celebrating her 80th Birthday with her sisters.

Mary Ann Buckman celebrating her 80th Birthday with her sisters.

“Working with the good people at Heartfelt Books has never been anything less than a wonderful experience,” proclaimed Mary Ann. “Whenever I needed any kind of support while working on my books, I always received immediate feedback via email, phone or chat room. Sometimes I got ‘lost’ trying to sequence my recollections and feelings, but the editors were more than happy to rescue me. Heartfelt Books not only helped me achieve an excellent format, but had suggestions that enabled me to publish books I have been extremely proud to send to those I love.”

“Heartfelt Books is the perfect name for this company. They all have such big, caring hearts. Speaking from my own heart, I think of everyone at Heartfelt Books as a dear friend.”

The recipients of Mary Ann’s books have been effusive with their praise. “On my 70th birthday, my eyes opened wide when I received a memorable gift of love, a published book from my sister’s heart,” remarked Peggy, Mary Ann’s sister. “Many memories forgotten were revived of how our lives together have been shared.”

Mary Ann's sister, Peggy, with her Heartfelt Book

Mary Ann’s sister, Peggy, with her Heartfelt Book.

Buckman’s remarkable career begin in 1951, when she became a nun with the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth after graduating St. Agnes High School in Unionville, Kentucky. She spent the next half-century teaching thousands of children and training teachers in both Catholic and public schools. Today, she enjoys a quiet and happy retirement in a suburb of Orlando, Florida – though thanks to the services of HeartfeltBooks.com, she never feels disconnected from the people who matter most in her life.

HeartfeltBooks.com provides a simple process for writing and publishing one-of-a-kind books that make perfect gifts for loved ones. Users need only create a free account, and they can immediately start composing their own personal book of thoughts and feelings about a certain someone in their lives. HeartfeltBooks.com guides users on a “tour” of their relationships, encouraging open-ended responses with questions and exercises. Once users have finalized the contents of their book, they can then select from 6 beautiful hardcover designs.

“Mary Ann Buckman has been a powerful inspiration to all of us here at HeartfeltBooks.com,” concluded Director of Operations, R. H. Lee. “She’s living proof that anyone can use our site to write a profound and emotional book using our system.”

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