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Give a Valentine’s Day Gift that Shows Some Effort

Your Valentine’s Day Gift should be meaningful…

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and once again everyone is searching for the “perfect” Valentine’s Day gift! We look online for a few ideas then get sidetracked and move onto other things. Then we wait ’til the last minute – say February 12th – and resign to the fact that it’s too late to be creative at this point. We settle for flowers, chocolate and a teddy bear from the grocery store in a couple of days.

According to Judge Lynn Toler, in a recent article in Hitched Magazine, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the soft side of the whole thing, to rekindle that first-year passionate stuff that you don’t think of doing anymore… Exert some time and a little effort. Think outside the box a bit…It is an opportunity to work on the joy of marriage.”

Tell Your Spouse How Important Your Marriage Is

So often we forget to tell our spouse how much we care and appreciate them. We get caught up in the daily routines and just assume that they know how we feel. Everyone needs to hear that what they are doing is making a difference. That in all of the mundane, they are the spark that brightens up the day.

One way to express to your spouse how much they mean to you this Valentine’s Day is by putting your feelings and sentiments in writing.

Worried about your spelling? Handwriting? Or just not sure where to start?

Heartfelt Books offers a unique process to help communicate to your loved one these feelings and more. At their website, HeartfeltBooks.com, you select questions and exercises to answer about your spouse. Think of it like taking a tour of your relationship. The process is fun and easy, with helpful hints along the way.

Heartfelt Books then takes your answers and publishes them in a beautiful, hardcover book.  It’s an ingenious way to put all of those thoughts, memories, and experiences, down on paper in a physical format that your spouse can read again and again for years to come.

You can be sweet, funny, naughty or all of the above – it’s your book!

Work at your own pace from any device. Most users finish their book in less than an hour! They offer a choice of 6 covers and 4 fonts, as well as professional editing if you want it. Your sweetheart will be amazed that you came up with such a creative gift! They will think you spent hours working on their Heartfelt Book!

I purchased one of these for my wife. It was fun and easy to create and best of all….my wife loved it! She couldn’t put it down!

-H. Charles

Don’t fall for the same old store bought gifts…here’s why:

“Awww…a soft, fluffy teddy bear!”

Teddy bears, unicorns, and dancing stuffed piggies – very cute and cuddly! But…what do you do with them when Valentine’s Day has passed? They don’t exactly match the decor.

Garage sale item or Goodwill?

“Two dozen large stemmed roses! You shouldn’t have.”

Flowers are beautiful…but expensive and short-lived.


I bought this for my husband for Valentine’s Day. This guy has pretty much everything and I was at a loss as to what to do. I found your books while browsing for gifts, the process is so easy and the finished product was amazing.  He LOVED the book and has told everybody about it. Thank you HeartfeltBooks!

– B. Myers

This year, put in a little time and effort with your Valentine’s Day gift. Your spouse will be so impressed that you took the time to create something so personal…so unforgettable.

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